Advanced Massage West Oahu

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Whether you want a massage to treat nagging pain or recover from a sports injury, Advanced Massage has more than five years of experience treating clients all over Hawaii. Call to arrange an appointment or to discuss how their services can reduce pain, prevent injury, and help you live a better life!
Advanced Massage West Oahu specializes in advanced Medical/Orthopedic and Manual Therapy techniques. We have experience working with conditions such as: 

· Adhesive Capsulitis/ Frozen shoulder 

· Rotator cuff injuries 

· Lumbar/ Lower back pain 

· Sciatica 

· Headaches 


· Carpal tunnel 

· Tennis Elbow 

· Hip and Knee injuries 

· Plantar Fasciitis 

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*Advanced Massage West Oahu does not diagnose illness or disease or any other physical or mental disorder. We also do not prescribe or change medications prescribed by your physician. Massage therapy is not a substitute for medication or medical treatment that is given to you by a medical doctor.